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Parallel Radio Interview :

Can you tell us a bit about you?

My name is Amanda Strand and I’m 19 a years old woman from a city called Kungsbacka which is located at the Swedish west coast near Gothenburg. I live with my parents, my brother and a little dog in a house.

What other career could we imagine for you?
In June this year I finished my studyies to be a Stylist and Make Up artist and now I work as a influencer and as model. I have a Youtube channel and a Instagram-account.

On my free time I like to travel and hang out with my friends. I also very interested in make-up.
I’m a positive and happy person who like to meet new people.

Incoming News?
The next coming years I’m planning to work as a influencer and model. I meet a lot of people from the business in my  current job and that will be a benefit because I plan to work as a make up artist and stylist later.

What music means to you?
I listen to a lot of music. I’t makes me so happy. I mostly listen to Swedish pop music, but also music from the international billboard.



Favorite project you worked on?
On of my favourite projects was when I worked as a model with a Swedish candy company who makes delicious chocolate. I personally love chocolate and eat more than I should…!
I also like to do hauls with clothing on my Youtube-chanel.

During the autumn I will do more modelling abroad. I will also work to increase the number of followers on my social medias.

What is your plan for this week-end?
The upcoming weekend I will go to the capital of Sweden to hang out with friends, make some photo-shoots and visit a Swedish music event called Rockbjörnen.

What do you have in your pockets right now?
The only thing I have in my pocket is my Iphone and my payment card.

… A last word for our french readers?
The only thing that I can say in Frensh is the following 😉
“Je m’appelle Amanda – Je vis à Kungsbacka”