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Parallel Radio Interview :

Can you tell us a bit about you?

I was born in Brazil and I have move around since I started modeling. First to Miami, then New York, Copenhagen, Milan and back to New York.


How would you describe yourself?

Gemini lol!


What other career could we imagine for you?

As a matter of fact, I am in college. I study journalism. And I have also done some Photography classes in New York that made me want to become a Photographer as well but I guess it was just a phase. Maybe not. – What Music means to you? Music is a way of connecting with the mood and the moment we are living. It touches my soul in different ways. I listen to music all the time… At work, before I go out with friends, during my daily workouts or even before I go to bed.


How is a regular day for you, bump it hard?

Each day is different, it depends where I am and if I am shooting or not, but in general I always like to keep my workouts in the morning. I have coffee twice daily and I always save a couple of hours to study, no matter what. Discipline is very important when you are a model; same when you are a sportsman or a student who also works. We all need to organize our schedules in order to get the best out of our day, right?


Favorite project you worked on?

Can’t decide, but I have something funny that happened to me once. I shot for Cosmopolitan for Latinas in Miami and at first I was supposed to be the “secondary character”shooting with a famous latin singer but when he arrived, he refused to take his sunglasses off and he also refused to dress in the clothes the stylist had for him. The magazine people couldn’t handle him so they had to let him leave and I became “the star” of the editorial. It was right when I first moved to Miami, so I was obviously confused but also excited about being featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine.




Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

I have no dreams while sleeping, however an awaken dream would be being able to trust everybody without having a risk of getting harmed. Worst nightmare would be missing my flight connection while answering to this interview.


Incoming news?

I am in Brazil working on something awesome that I can’t talk about just yet. I am also spending some time in São Paulo for the first time since 2013, so my agency there is very excited about having me in town. Shoutout to Mega Model Brasil because I love them for life.


…What were you doing Saturday night?

I was swimming in my pool while listening to some Brazilian music. I probably drank a whole bottle of wine ‘cause Saturday is wine day for me.


What do you have in your pockets right now?

Absolutely nothing, I keep all the stuff in my bag.


…A last word in french for our french readers?