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Can you tell us a bit about you?
I’m a swedish artist/DJ, based in Stockholm, in love with music, lollipops, laughing and exploring the world.
How would you describe yourself?
Hmm, quite a weird mix. I’m super hard working and serious, always giving 110%, but also super goofy. Basically I think I just have too much energy.
What other career could we imagine for you?
Woah… I already tried a lot of different jobs, like everything. Latest years though it has always been creative careers, either around music or fashion – like fashion designing.
What Music means to you?
Everything and it has always been like that. Even as a kid I ran around with my freestyle all the time and my parents actually had a little trick. Every time I got upset because I didn’t get what I wanted I was (am) very, very stubborn, they put my headphones on and I was happy in like ten seconds. Still works!
Favorite project you worked on? 
My single Recover that I just released. We had a really tight deadline and worked day and night and just played it the first time at Summerburst festival last weekend. What a feeling!
Incoming news?
Playing at Summerburst festival in Stockholm next weekend, so excited! Other than that I’m working in the studio all the time so be prepared for more music!
…What were you doing Saturday night?
Got home from the festival, went straight to the gym to do some boxing, made tacos and then watched Suits!
What do you have in your pockets right now?
iPhone headphone converter!
…A last word in french for our french readers? 
Caroline Roxy
Caroline Roxy