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Parallel Radio Interview :

Can you tell us a bit about you?

I’m Chiara, I’m 22 years old. I work full time as a fashion model and I’m from Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). I’m half Calabrian half Brazilian. I live in Milan and I wouldn’t change my city with any other place in the world.


How would you describe yourself?

I’m a free soul, I love to travel, discovering new things, I love to LOVE. I love beauty, nature and especially animals. I live naively day by day and I always follow my instinct. I appreciate the truth and loyalty. I believe in our souls and I think that to be aware about what happen around us could save us from every problem. I live my life trying to help others and to help myself too. I love life and I give back all the “gifts” I received so far…


What other career could we imagine for you?

In the future, beside modeling, I imagine a career as an actress or as a “nose” (Fragrance expert). I love to create new essences and I hope one day I’ll be able to launch my own line of natural eco-friendly cosmetics.


What Music means to you?

Music is ART to me. I love it so much and I learn a lot from it. In my life I have a lot of  people involved in the music scene and they teach me everyday something new. Music is my best medicine for any kind of problem. It’s amazing to enter into a track’s world, enjoying every sound and being filled by its mood.



Favorite project you worked on?

One of my favorite projects so far it’s my latest Vogue Portugal covers that I shot in Lisbon recently. I had so much fun doing it with the whole team.


Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

My worst nightmare is to not be capable of helping others and animals..being powerless in front of tragedies. This scares me a lot. My biggest dream is to focus all my energies in projects related to animals welfare when I’ll quit my modeling career.


Incoming news?

Some great fashion project on the horizon… I can’t reveal anything I’m sorry, but it will be amazing!


…What were you doing Saturday night?

I was hanging out with my friends… Having fun and partying… Enjoying good music!


What do you have in your pockets right now?

I haven’t pockets… I’m wearing a dress right now!


…A last word in french for our french readers?

“Pain au chocolat”!


Your Favorite 10 songs?

I love so much this question because now you already know..I ADORE music!  Unfortunately I can’t choose only ten fav songs, because I have so many on my mind and heart. I selected these one to let you know about my personal taste..there is no order or relevance. They’re all really important to me. Thank you!



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