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? It’s a beautiful life. Traveller       

Parallel Radio Interview

Can you tell us a bit about you?

Family is the most important thing in my life, I’m an only child. I grew up by the ocean, I love being by the sea. My biggest passion is traveling! I love exploring new places, trying amazing food, going to museums, enjoying different landscapes and meeting new people. I’m a small circle kind of girl, I rather be very close to a few people I truly trust and care about than having a million friends. 

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a positive person, I wake up grateful every day. I would say I’m very kind, I always want the best for others, one of the things I’m most excited for this year is to finally be able to do more charity work! Im honest, easy going, curious, a hopeless romantic, daydreamer and a perfectionist. 

What other career would you imagine for you? 

Before I got into modeling I wanted to get into either Business or Medical school.Even tho going to University doesn’t seem like a plan right now, having a business is definitely still what I’m trying to achieve.

What music means to you? 

I think music is a way of self expression and it’s linked to emotions. It triggers memories and brings you back to special moments. It’s an art-form that touches so many people, music is magic.

Favorite project you worked on?

Right now I’m working on a secret project, I can’t wait to finally tell you all about it!!

Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

I’m PETRIFIED of cockroaches,anything related to them is my worst nightmare. I rather have a spider in my room any day. 

My most beautiful dream is to buy my parents a sailboat, have my own business, travel the world and raise a family.

What were you doing Saturday night? 

I was shooting Swimwear in Tulum, went out for a super nice dinner with the team afterwards! 

What do you have in your pocket right now? 

Wearing a bikini haha no pockets! 

Last word in french? 

La vie est belle.


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