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Giza Lagarce grew up in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, but now lives with her boyfriend in New York, and is getting used to a different climate, public transport, and “running around everywhere”. She was studying broadcast and design at college, before switching to journalism, but found it impossible to combine it with her modelling schedule. So she has put her education on hold for now, reasoning that her present career will only be an option for a limited period in her life, and that the break in learning will give her the time to decide what she wants to do later on.

Giza Lagarce latest big job was for Cotton On!, and she also recently collaborated with Drop Dead Clothing. Giza has worked with photographers like Lee Iturbe, Rhyan Santos and Carl Lindstrom, and firmly believes that it’s necessary to feel comfortable with the photographer for the pictures to succeed.

She describes herself as very competitive, always striving for the best. She recognises that, while modelling is a glamourous occupation, it’s very hard work, too – but she’s not complaining, it’s “an amazing experience”, she insists. Past experience has given her the confidence to speak in front of the camera, giving her the versatility to do hosting, intros, outros, and small acting parts. As an ex-gymnast, she has an ambition to do an aerial acrobatics shoot.

Giza is an enthusiastic user of Facebook, Geekology, Ebay, YouTube, and Tumblr, where she has 20,000 followers. She realises that social media can make you or break you, but believes that, used correctly, “it can do wonders”. She says that she doesn’t think of the people she responds to as fans, because that’s not how she sees herself, but she’s grateful for their interest.

Her fresh and edgy qualities could make her ideal for both commercial and high fashion brands, so it may not be long before we see Giza Lagarde on the covers of the fashion magazines, and also on the catwalks in Milan, Paris, London and New York.

Regardless of what happens here at Just The Design she will always have a file.