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Brazilian Vine star Gustavo Rocha who collaborates with his twin brother Tulio on their channel Brothers Rocha. He started uploading longer videos to Instagram and gained an audience of more than 4 million on the social media network. It was his idea to post a video of himself alongside his brother dancing online. He studies civil engineering in school. He and his brother were born in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. They have a sister named Thamires. He runs his Vine account alongside his brother, Tulio Rocha.


by Gustavo Rocha
From Gustavo Rocha


OK, I‘ve always wanted to be Instagram-”big”, too.

Ever thought about what it feels like to be an Instagram Influencer?

Picture this: You wake up early Friday, even before your alarm buzzes.

You spring up to check your cellphone.

Opening up Instagram.

Youare surprised at what is waiting for you: Over 832 likes on one of your pictures! There, you see a a huge amount of likes on your pictures–over 738 on a single photo alone.

You hop out of your bed, and head to the kitchen. You want a drink, so you put the kettle on for some coffee, and check Instagram again.

Bam! Another 20 likes.

Here comes another one. This time it’s not a like but a message from one of your followers. They congratulate you on your success and let you know they absolutely love your content.

A grin grows on your face as you receive another message. This person emailed you to let you know she loves your posts.

Within minutes, your cell buzzes AGAIN.

Oops, another ping. But you can’t hit them back—you’ve got to hit the gym.
Anyways, you get the point. This is the life of an Instagram celebrity. I should know, because I’ve made many of them.

My job is to take people from Instagram anonymous to Insta-celebrity. (It sounds stupid, but results do not lie.)

Now, what if you could raise your popularity by 100%, or 1000%?

It is not complicated to do, although almost no one does. Just hit up our website. There, you will learn how to garner Instagram likes and followers like mad…effortlessly.

In just minutes after posting, you have your images piled with likes.

The “Top Post” section, all of a sudden, does not seem that far away.

And because we love you, we made testing things out as simple as kitchen-cooled apple crumble:
1. Click
2. Plug in your Instagram username.
3. Your 3 most recent pictures are getting 10 – 15 likes. Just like that.

Being a regular on that page will accelerate your growth 10x, easy. You know where the answer to fame is. Now reach for it. Are you ready?

Happy image-uploading.

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