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Parallel Radio Interview  :

Can you tell us a bit about you?

Hi Parallel Radio! I am ICO, a young singer and producer from Brussels.  I have never smoked or drank alcohol in my life, so perhaps I will live longer than the other rappers!


Where do you get your influences from?

My main influences are people like Stromae, Booba, Ryan Leslie… They are entrepreneurs, smart and independent artists. I hate artists who let other people decide for them … This is YOUR life so please grab a hold of it!


What other career could we imagine for you?

I don’t want to imagine another career, I hope that I am where I am supposed to be


What Music means to you?

Music is my emergency exit to escape from the life the world wants me to have.


Favorite project you worked on? 

My life … and still working on it.




Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

Nightmare: Waking up at 6am every Monday morning for a 9 to 5 job that I hate.

Dream: Waking up at 6am every Monday without any alarm to do… Whatever I want.


Incoming news? 

Follow me on IG @icosqua  for crunchy announcements.


…What were you doing Saturday night?

Working in my music studio!


What do you have in your pockets right now?

Room for my future $100 stacks haha (finger crossed)


…A last word in french for our french readers? 

« Chaque chose en son temps ! La roue, elle n’est pas carrée, tu sais bien » – Thomas, Secret Story 6.