Lexy Panterra Playlist


Parallel Radio Interview :


Can you tell us a bit about you?

I am a hopeless romantic who listens to music and stay up late nights in the studio most of the time. I come from a family of entertainment, my uncle Ali is a movie producer and my grandmother Leila was a renowned songwriter.


How would you describe yourself?

Everyday I feel like a new person. I’m positive and happy, forever changing and growing.


What other career could we imagine for you?

Oh man… ummmm I’ve always wanted to sing my whole life since I was a baby! If it had to be something else it would have to do something with traveling because I love to travel.


What Music means to you?

Music is life! It helps me survive through all the ups and downs that life brings.


Favorite project you worked on?

My ep, “Little Black Book” and singles that I’ve been recording for the past year with dope dj’s and producers such as Marshmello, Louis Bell, Prologic, Hit Impulse, etc. My life has been going through some interesting journeys so I’ve had a lot of things to write about. I also filmed three movies this past year, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween with Tyler Perry, Dirt with Warner Brothers, and Never Heard which I act alongside Karreuche Tran.



Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

I don’t want to put my worst nightmare out in the universe so I’ll keep it to myself!  My most beautiful dream is  just being happy and feeling the most happy in my heart. Being content with myself and all my emotions, now that’s a beautiful dream!


Incoming news?

I have new music coming so every one of the guys I’ve dated better watch it hahaha!


What were you doing Saturday night?

Saturday night I was eating amazing food with a bunch of talented people I met in Nova Scotia over looking the best ocean view. I was at a music camp, singing in a sessions and laying down the vocals!


What do you have in your pockets right now?

I’m wearing my Pretty Little Thing sweats that has no pockets, so nothing!


…A last word in french for our french readers?

“Formidable!” Love that record by Stromae.