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Parallel Radio Interview :

– Can you tell us a bit about you?

I’m South African born Taiwanese currently residing in Sydney. I completed my Masters of Architecture & Design at the University of Sydney and currently work as head of content for MAXMEDIALAB.

– How would you describe yourself?

Creative and slight geek at heart.

– What other career could we imagine for you?

A Michelin Guide Restaurant Inspector or Creative Director

– What Art means to you?

Art was my favourite subject throughout high school and remained a large part of my studies up until I graduated from my Architecture course. To me, Art is a way for individuals to express themselves freely without any notion of being judged for the work they produce. It encourages the spectator to think openly and observe from a distant. I’ve always been a fan of the Warhol era as well as the DADA movement. I’m quite a rebel and unconventional in my thinking when it comes to art. I can appreciate classical styles of art but prefer the challenges contemporary artwork brings to the table.

– Favorite project you worked on?

Directing and executing a creative for Cathay Pacific – I’ve loved flying since I was a little girl so it was a dream come true to work with such a premium brand.

– Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

Forgetting my memories / Seeing my nana again

– Incoming news?

Headed to Japan for a special project with Hermès in July!

…What were you doing Saturday night?

Eating Italian food & wondering the streets of Amsterdam

– What do you have in your pockets right now?


…A last word in french for our readers?


About Li-Chi Pan :

South African-born, Australian-based Li-Chi has an acute appreciation for composition, colour and minimalism, and creates beautiful and inspiring content on her Instagram account. With over 500 000 Instagram followers, the Masters of Architecture graduate showcases her photography and styling prowess across all social platforms. She cites legendary architects Frank Gehry and Tadao Ando as some of prime inspiration for her work.

Li-Chi Pan’s unique eye for detail and high-quality content is highly sought after and she has worked with luxury brands Audi, Country Road, Dior, Ladurée, Nespresso and Tiffany & Co amongst her list of clients. A recent campaign saw Li-Chi travelling through the united Arab Emirates creating breathtaking photography for Dubai Tourism. Li-Chi’s creative content has caught the eye of several style publications, with Li-Chi recently named ELLE S.A’s “Insta-crush.” is currently ranked 6th under the “Top 50 Bloggers in Australia” 2017 list for being one of the most influential bloggers in Australia.

Li-Chi Pan is highly regarded in the fields of digital and social media content, collaborating with brands as a creative director, social media and brand consultant, digital strategist and influencer.

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– Top 50 Influencers Awards – 2017