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Parallel Radio Interview :

Can you tell us a bit about you?

Hello, I am Loxley! I am an artist and rapper of “L’or du commun”, a Hip-Hop Belgian Brand created during the spring of 2012.


How would you describe yourself?

Mmmh… I would say I am a sensitive person to the world around me, I like people, I like feeling alive. I’m looking around and get a lot of my musical inspiration from my environment and from what it tells me about the world. I’ve always been creative, even before I started making music. I actually studied painting at school… And¬†then music took a huge place in my life. Now we are on the road all year long, it’s just crazy!


What other career could we imagine for you?

I consider myself as an artist in the broad sense of the word. Today I’m raping full time, tomorrow I may become a painter, an author or a movie director… I¬†created many video clips through the recent years, for Romeo Elvis, Swing, Isha… I don’t want to limit¬†my options and¬†possibilities!¬†If I didn’t focused on culture and cultural production, I think I could have seen myself engaged in Politic…


What Music means to you?

Music is everything.


Favorite project you worked on? 

My favorite project right now is undoubtedly the album which we are working on with “L’or du commun”. We are putting a lot of ourselves and of our hearts in this project. I hope we will have the success it deserves!




Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

My worst nightmare ? Well, I do not know… I’m a fatalist, things that must happen will happen. Instead of focusing on nightmares, I’d rather have dreams inspired by my reality today… Winning a gold record, having kids, and making a lot of money for it to guarantee a real freedom!


Incoming news?

“L’Or du Commun” will release its¬†first album “Sapiens” in Autumn 2018… Stay tuned !


…What were you doing Saturday night?

I was on holidays with the band and¬†each of our girlfriends in Brittany, France… It was Beautiful!


What do you have in your pockets right now ?

A phone, keys, cigarettes, a little bit of weed… The basics!


…A last word in french for our french readers?¬†

“Si t’as la chance, fais la chance !”.