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Parallel Radio Interview :


How would you describe yourself?

My idea of myself is really different from what is perceived from others if they don’t know me. I know I’m a bit strange, but I’m even more sure I’m TRUE. I’m a dancer, I’m a model and now I want to do music. My project will show who MAITE YANES really is. My world is the same of many others.


Can you tell us about your music project?

My project started with a “Track zero” (that’s the way I like to name it). I called it “CATARSI” which it means purification from contamination. I’m a very spiritual person and the need of this regeneration made me wanna create the track . After “CATARSI” I was focused on the seven deadly sins..the only  obstacles that human beings find on their way… Nobody excluded. So I dedicated a track to each sin..every “song” is based on real facts happened in my professional and real life. Most people thinks I do rap or trap, but I don’t want to put a “name” on my’s music, it’s poetry, it’s my life..a mix and match of all my world..and the kind of music of my project changes constantly. In this project all the musical bases are made by me and Enzo Beccia. We go through rock, reggae, hip pop, salsa..

“CATARSI” intro (first single) – “Seven deadly sins” (album)


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Maite is my inspiration… Because I’m a Woman. When I talk of myself I talk TO and FOR every woman. I want to make clear that we have way more voice than it’s espected. We have the power of being listened and understood.


What music means to you?

My father is a musician and my mother is from Cuba. I grow up among guitars and Salsa..they’re my roots. Music can make you feel in thousand different ways. I left home at 17 yo and a lot of people did the same and they would confirm how music helps or destroys, how close or far from home it makes you feel, how on top of the world or scary under the covers at bed. To me music is the clearest art.


Music or fashion?

…Or dance? All three together. I do poetry, I mix it with music, I dance when I’m telling you my stories and last but not least I’m dressed stylish. After twelve years in these worlds I can’t and I don’t want to choose. I’m all these worlds and without one of these three parts I wouldn’t be the same person.


Favorite project you worked on?

Without any doubt this is my favorite project. There is SO much of me in this project… So of course I put it at first place.


You worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

I’m aware that I experienced a nightmare only when it’s gone..same for dreams. I don’t realize what’s happening… Only on a second moment.


Incoming news?

Fingers crossed… In October will be published “CATARSI” and from this point it will start the project of my life… This is the news.


…What were you doing Saturday night?

I hope to land in Spain for Summer holidays to enjoy my family… Living in Italy for 8 years I don’t see them so frequently. And probably I’ll plan a big “Fiesta” with my girlfriends… My bestfriends since ever.


What do you have in your pockets right now?

5 Euros and much to give and to say!


..A last word in French for our french readers?

“Vive la vie!”