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Parallel Radio Interview :

Can you tell us a bit about you?

I am really not that complicated of a person actually.  I am always the one with a lot of energy that always has something to say. My friends can get really annoyed with me because I neeeeeever stop singing lol. I was born in a music family (literally every single person in my family works with music) and they have been very supportive of me ever since I said I wanted to be like Taylor Swift when I grew up. When I’m free, I spend my days writing songs, dancing, singing, cooking vegan food, and sometimes hanging out with friends.

How would you describe yourself?

This is a super hard question!! But if you asked my mom she would probably say something like: Humble, hard working, stubborn and reliable!

What other career could we imagine for you?

Definitely acting! One of my main focuses outside of music is acting and getting a role. I discovered that I wanted to act when I was around 12 and I’ve done both voiceovers  and a Swedish TV series ever since!

What Music means to you?

Sounds cheesy, but it’s genuinely everything to me. It’s more than a passion, I breathe eat and sleep music. When I feel down, I write about it. When I am happy, I sing a happy song to feel even better. My guitar is like my friend, and I’m so grateful that I realized that this is my purpose at a young age!!

Favorite project you worked on?

Definitely my EP yellow that I released two weeks ago. It was such a journey for me, and it’s crazy that it’s finally out. The whole process was so special. From just a concept in my head to an actual song that got mixed and mastered to now a song that is out in the world for anyone to listen to. It’s a special feeling and it’s crazy that this is just the beginning.

Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?

Damaging my voice so I can never sing again, or like accidentally eating meat or something hahaha. (I’ve been vegan for over two years now) most beautiful dream is to be happy my whole life.

Incoming news?

I’m opening the fashion show in Berlin this summer which is so crazy! And I’m also going to be performing for the Swedish royal family July 14:th. I can’t believe it and I’m already starting to get nervous. Other than that I’m posting all the news on my social media which is @novamillerofficial on instagram and @novamiller on Twitter!

…What were you doing Saturday night?

At home writing songs haha. As I said, not that complicated of a person.

What do you have in your pockets right now?

Hand sanitizer spray (best thing of my entire life) and lip gloss.

…A last word in french for our french readers?

Merci de lire, de soutenir, d’être avec moi dans ce voyage et d’écouter ma musique. Je vous aime du fond de mon coeur. Restez jaune!

Nova Miller
Nova Miller