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Oleg Cricket, a Parkour practitioner and stuntman, has been scaling massive buildings and generally putting his health at risk for the viewing audience for years. 

Born Oleg Sherstyachenko, Cricket has been at this dizzying visual stunt parade for a few years now. As part of Russia’s Bankai Organization, Cricket and other acrobats train in doing the impossible. For most people, climbing atop buildings like the Dubai Tower just on the inside would be enough to stay their hand. In Cricket’s case, he and his daring pals delight in death-defying feats that can only be explained through their endless array of video and images.

Website Travel Ticker posted up a new clip of Cricket that’s been making the Internet rounds, which is how he landed on our radar. To see more of what this wild and crazy guy does, hit the flip below and try to keep your hands from sweating like we did.

The video from Travel Ticker is also below. We do want to warn you: if you’re not into heights and people nearly bodying themselves, it won’t be the video for you.




by Oleg Cricket
From Oleg Cricket
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The owner of the building said ‘urban explorers” like Cricket have been using bolt cutters and crowbars to get onto the roof and have side they have tightened security measures.

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