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About you Rens Kroes : 
Rens Kroes inspires and reaches more than 450 000 people on a daily basis by inviting them to take a glimpse of her Powerfood lifestyle. Over the past five years, Rens has established a significant platform on which she shares her tips and tricks via personal blogs, videos and her four bestselling cookbooks. Healthy eating, positive thinking, relaxation and exercise are key elements of her way of living. Rens was the first foodblogger and vlogger to focus on preparing and eating “Powerfood” ‚Äď highly nutritious and unprocessed food. She is a pioneer among food and lifestyle influencers and sets herself apart with her honest, transparent and positive mindset.

How would you describe yourself?
Happy, driven, curious girls who lives an active life. I’m balancing between the fast-paced speed of an urban lifestyle and relaxed zen of wholesome foods, meditation and Soulcycle. I like to get out of my comfort zone whether it’s re-inventing recipes, attempting new sports or going to places I’ve never been. I’m bold, yet kind, and never takes myself seriously. I like to spend time in the kitchen and value good food, frequently choosing quality over quantity.

What other career could we imagine for you?
Singer & songwriter.

What Music means to you?
A lot. I used to sing as a singer/songwriter in a band called “Kroescontrol” I loved it! Music and dancing is my therapy. It grounds me! I can’t live without.

Why Food?
My love of all things healthy goes way back! My Grandma was an herbalist. She kept an enormous herb garden and knew all there was to know about the healing properties of plants and how best to combine them. And my grandpa was an organic farmer. In their own way, they were very progressive in terms of nutrition. Whenever I was with them, I would pick herbs in the garden with my grandmother or help my grandfather, who taught me about how to grow crops. My parents have also always been into food. My mother is a nutritionist, and things like tahini, sourdough bread, bee pollen and whole oats were staples in our home. In our village, we were known as the food-conscious family. Our garden was home to a variety of vegetables and I even claimed my own little corner for growing strawberries. All of this provided a fantastic, and rich, foundation for my own lifestyle and health philosophy, and goes a long way to explain my love of food. As a result, food, cooking and creating healthy recipes have always been hobbies of mine. But five years ago, I realised that I could turn my hobbies into my work. I really see food as a medicine combined with relaxation & exercise/movement.




Favorite project you worked on?
My new webshop¬†Powerfoodies Market.¬†I just launched and I’m very proud of the golden straws! I’m also working my upcoming Lifestyle book named RENS. It’s a lot of writing, not really my thing but it’s a challenge and I totally make it with all my heart.

Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?
No nightmares. I’m not afraid of anything! My dream? I’m living it right now. The only thing I should do is meditate so I can see life better in perspective.

Incoming news?
Powerfoodies Market 

…What were you doing Saturday night?
I was dancing with my 3 girls on old R&B songs! Best night ūüėČ

What do you have in your pockets right now?
No pockets but a handbag…;) My Chloe sunnies, keys house, office & bike, glass bottle of water,¬†RMS lip & cheek pink¬†& my¬†straws¬†

…A last word in french for our french readers?
“Si vous pouvez planter la joie dans votre coeur, vous pouvez gu√©rir n’importe quel moment”.