The Fat Jew Playlist


Parallel Radio Interview :

What is your first memory of your passion for making people laugh?
When I 11 years old I paid my 8 year old brother $20 to let me shave off both his eyebrows. Dude looked MENTAL. My friends thought it was hilarious. My parents were fucking furious.

Do you think of yourself as a comedian?
No wayyyyy. Comedians are self-loathing depressed nerds. I’m just an American idiot with a body like Shrek who enjoys making people temporarily forget how shitty the world is.

What other career could we imagine for you?

I could seriously be a hand model. They are soft and well-manicured, I basically have the same hands as Suri Cruise. Yes, Tom Cruise’s 12 year old daughter.

Favorite project you worked on? White Rosé? Your Book?
Making wine is awesome. I’d like to think that every single day I’m responsible for people drinking and then making questionable decisions. I want to be responsible for so many accidental pregnancies.

In two words, how would you describe your style? 
Futuristic. Homosexual.

Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream?
My worst nightmare actually happened recently when my girlfriend went to a spa with my mom (clothing optional) and when she returned informed me that my 70 year old mother has a FULLY SHAVED vagina. My most beautiful dream would be to have a time machine so I could time travel back to when I didn’t know that information.

Incoming news? 
…What were you doing Saturday night?
I got really really stoned and watched videos of kids snorting condoms, which is the newest teen trend.

…A last word in french for our readers? 
“Je mangerais les fesses de Marion Cotillard”

The Fat Jew is an American social media personality, businessman, vintner, and writer. He is more popularly known by his social media moniker ‘The Fat Jew’. A Manhattan native, he was a moderately active child actor and appeared in several television commercials. As he wanted to continue being an actor as an adult as well, he took performance art classes in college. In 2004, he founded the comedic hip-hop band Team Facelift with three others. The group carved a niche for itself with its bizarre theatrics and antics. They released one album and five mixtapes before their break-up in 2012. The Fat Jew set up his Instagram account in 2009 and initially the response was nothing beyond lukewarm. However, it all changed in June 2013 when his video about teaching homeless people soul cycle classes on parked Citi Bikes went viral. After witnessing a meteoric rise to fame, these days he has over 10 million followers on Instagram, the social media platform he primarily uses as the medium for his comedy.